Friday, May 26, 2006


Here in this home
Pieces of my double personality falls apart
And I show no intention of covering up
This is but a mid-noon day

The way I am is
Just the way I want to be
Trapped here in this autumn blues
In the midst of a grassland

Thankfully I know no trouble
In this place of isolence
Wishing only to escape from
This place I belong not

I saw death comming
Around the corner
Yet I felt a sudden,unexplained

This world has come to an end
Just as I was departing
Yet I knew no fear
Only sweetless tears

Monday, March 13, 2006

The Last World

I am trap in my own world
A place for lamenting
Captivated by this dream that no longer exist
I wish not to awake

Life holds no more meaning for me
Since that day I watch you left
As I stood by helplessly
Wishing that I was the one leaving

This place breaks into pieces of
Broken glass
That I know could never
Be mend again

You took the key to this world
With you when you left
Locking me inside this place
Never to be free again

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Day After Valentine

The windows were closed
The air-conditional was not on
I was cover with my blanket
And I put on my jacket
On top of the three layers of
Clothing I had wear
It is not winter now,
But I am freezing to death
Because you have make
My heart turn cold
You took away my happiness
And left me with emptiness
I do not understand
Why is it
That you treat me this way
I thought you said you like me
It seems that you were lying,
Faking it
And so I cry
My tears
Became snow

Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Murderer

Have you tried killing your beloved ones?
I have as my job requires me
Nobody knows who I am
But the police are always on a lookout
Searching for me
Sometimes,when I look at myself
I felt a sense of lost
Not knowing who I really am either
But this I know
That there is no turning back
Once I start
And so I kept on
My conscience being wash away
By the blood
Of the people I killed

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Ending

I live in this world of no love
Where war and killing strive
And yet I live
Neither caring or being care for

The earth revolves around the sun like a ball
So big,yet so small
Times that I cried,the earth flooded
Times that I laugh,the sun shines

What lies beyond this
Is a place of void
Where darkness await in an ambush
Searching for a chance to devour us like a leopard

As I stood in between this life and the other
Neither staying nor leaving
Only watching helplessly
As the earth deteriorate

Everything will surely come to an end
In a time too soon to come
The heaven I search for was not found
In this world where suffering meets no end

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Rain Down Again

The rain comes
Flooding my heart
With memories of tears
As sadness plunder
And you will reach a point
When your tears just dry up

Since then I had live
Within this froozen body
Dignified as a princess
Love and tears I bade goodbye
Sorrow freezed up
Death I experience everyday
In this world of ice

If only the rain that
Have not come for so long
Fall again
Melting me
As I died

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Deeper Than The Blue

Stranger than strangers
I stray away
From this relationship
Not knowing what
It means to be love

Here I stand
In between the fire
And this world
Saving for eternity
But yet am lost

So my heart broke
Once more
At the sound
Of your arrival

Into this mist
Of sparkling blue
I will drive
Peacefully I lay
Among this surrounding water